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What To Do If You Lost Wages After An Accident

Protecting Yourself And Your Income After Injury

It is easy to think that you need to push through after an injury due to a workplace accident and keep working so that you maintain your income, especially when you have a family depending on you. However, there are ways to both protect that income and allow yourself time to recover. Wage loss benefits are designed for this very purpose. Your employer has planned for the possibility. You should not feel bad in any way about taking advantage.

Golden Law Firm has been protecting workers’ incomes for years. As lead attorney, I have seen that there are a few steps you should follow to set yourself up for a favorable outcome.

  1. Report your injury to your supervisor or human resources provider at work as soon as possible. Provide the date and details of the injury. The insurance company will either approve or deny your injury.
  2. Throughout the process, keep as many official records as possible. This includes both hospital records and any paid or unpaid medical bills.
  3. If your employer accepts your claim, make sure you go to one of its approved health care providers, if applicable. Someone will let you know what providers are on the list. Before that, feel free to go to whatever health care provider you like.
  4. If your injury is approved, you may receive wage loss benefit payments within three weeks. This is why prompt reporting is important. In Pennsylvania, if you do not report your injury promptly, your lost wages payments may be delayed.
  5. If your injury is denied, you have the right to a hearing. A seasoned workers’ comp lawyer can help you make your case at this hearing.

You do not have to be completely unable to work to use your wage loss benefits. If you have not been able to work as much, you may also have a case to use these benefits to make up the gap.

A Seasoned Workers’ Comp Lawyer Knows What To Do

You should not have to face this alone. I dedicate my practice to protecting clients’ rights to workers’ compensation and wage loss benefits, and I’m ready to stand by your side and help you. To discuss your case with me and get my opinion, call my Williamsport office at 570-980-1718.