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You have more options than you realize. We can help.

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Getting Workers’ Compensation For Neck And Back Injuries

Injuries to your back and neck can change your life. Anything from a muscle sprain to severe spinal cord damage can limit your movement as well as your ability to continue working to support your family.

If you suffered any kind of neck or back injury at work, you deserve compensation from your employer. However, you do not have to face your employer or their insurance company alone. At Golden Law Firm, we are committed to supporting Pennsylvania employees by helping them obtain their rightful compensation. Attorney Matthew F. Golden, has decades of experience helping people just like you recover compensation for work-related injuries. We will stand by your side every step of the way.

Protect Yourself First

If a work-related injury inhibits your ability to work, workers’ compensation can help you recover lost wages, pay medical bills and provide for your loved ones while you heal. However, there are important steps to take to protect yourself and your options for compensation before moving forward:

  1. Get immediate medical attention: Neck and back pain may not seem serious right away, but can quickly develop into something more significant.
  2. Report your injury to your employer: Give them all the details of your injury as soon as you possibly can. Your employer provides this information to their insurance company, which helps them decide whether or not to approve your claim for compensation.
  3. Keep official and personal records: Neck and back injuries often require prolonged medical treatment, including surgery and physical therapy. Maintaining records from the hospital and on your own is evidence that supports your claim for compensation.

At Golden Law Firm, your well-being is the most important thing to us. We can guide you through the entire workers’ compensation process so you can focus on taking care of yourself and your family.

Contact A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Today — We Won’t Settle For Less

Your employer has insurance to compensate you when you are hurt at work. The insurance is there to protect you. It is important to know and protect your rights. Contact our Williamsport office today by email or by calling 570-980-1718 to schedule your free consultation today.