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Obtaining Compensation For Injured Teachers

School boards around the country generally take extra precautions to maintain a high standard of safety in their schools. However safe the campuses may be, teachers still face the risk of injury every day. Like any other employee, teachers have a right to claim workers’ compensation to cover medical costs and lost wages after a work injury.

As a teacher, you already have a lot of responsibilities on your hands. You may not want to miss work because of an injury, but you deserve time to heal and recover before getting back to work. At Golden Law Firm, we can help you preserve that healing time. We will handle the details of your claim so you can focus on getting better. Our attorney’s decades of experience recovering compensation for employees like you help us provide the best possible support.

Protect Your Right To Recovery

Pennsylvania teachers can file a workers’ compensation claim for injuries on school property as well as off campus while performing school duties. For example, if you are injured on a school field trip or sporting event, you can still apply for workers’ compensation. Common injuries teachers report include:

  • Repetitive stress injuries, including carpal tunnel
  • Slip-and-fall injuries, including muscle strains
  • Back, hip and leg problems from standing
  • Mental stress or psychological strain due to abnormal working conditions

Golden Law Firm can help guide you through every step of the benefits process. We understand how much stress an injury can put on you and your family. Schools have workers’ compensation insurance coverage in place to support you while you recover from a work-related injury. We are committed to making sure you receive the benefits you deserve.

Don’t Settle For Less Than You Deserve

You should not have to worry about paying medical expenses or losing income when healing. Golden Law Firm will not settle for less than the full compensation you deserve to recover smoothly. Email us or call our Williamsport office at 570-980-1718 to schedule a free consultation with a lawyer. We will respond to you as soon as possible to discuss your concerns.