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Answers You Can Rely On During Divorce And Custody Disputes

When you are going through a divorce or are trying to determine custody for your child, many well-meaning friends and family members may offer advice, but you need to make sure the information you have is accurate. I am attorney Matt Golden, and I am happy to provide you with personalized legal advice that you can depend on when making these big life decisions.

Below are some general answers to common divorce and child custody questions. You should know that your personal situation may change the answers to your questions. Let us sit down and talk about your needs. Call me at 570-980-1718.

How Long Does Divorce Take?

Divorce is more than just one process. While your divorce itself may take only a few months to file and finalize, fully separating your legal life may take longer, depending on whether you have property, children or complicated assets or benefits.

How Will Divorce Affect My Financial Life?

Your divorce can change your financial future. Some assets, like retirement savings and pensions, may go through property division. However, with strategic negotiation, you may be able to keep valuable assets intact, preserving their long-term value and benefitting you overall.

What Makes A ‘Good’ Child Custody Agreement?

An ideal child custody agreement both keeps your child safe and supported and helps provide you and your co-parent with a predictable schedule and clear boundaries. This looks different for every family and should cater to your needs as a parent.

Do My Divorce And Parenting Agreements Always Stay The Same?

No. Like everything in life, your circumstances will change over time, particularly as your child ages. At Golden Law Firm, I help you find reasonable adjustments to your agreements and bring those to the courts in a convincing manner.