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OSHA reports that 2017 alone had around 28 million workplace injuries and illnesses in the private industries. Injuries at the workplace are sometimes unavoidable regardless of the security measures and the training that takes place within the company. In the event of such accidents, the injured worker deserves workers’ compensation to help with medical bills and cover other losses.

Unfortunately, not everybody that gets injured at work gets compensated. This usually takes place when they fail to follow certain procedures needed to get compensation. Here are some mistakes that both the employer and the employee should avoid when filing for the workers’ compensation claim.

  • Failing to get a full report of the injury: Studies indicate that around 2 percent of claims of workers’ compensation are fraudulent. It is, therefore, essential to gather all the information regarding the incident and document everything so that the claim does not appear like a scam.
  • File the process immediately: Ensure you file the claims immediately as procrastination will only limit the chances of getting compensation. They should file the claims forms within 24 hours of injury.
  • Not adhering to submission requirements: Pennsylvania has specific requirements concerning workers’ compensation, and anybody filing the claim should understand all the requirements and adhere to them. The U.S Department of Labor has all the worker’s compensation requirements on their website, and one can search their state and find out the submission requirements.

The Pennsylvania law considers workers’ compensation mandatory to every employer. This system aims at protecting both the employer and the employees; hence they should not take it lightly. Failure to have workers’ compensation may subject an employer to a lawsuit.