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Medical benefits are immediate when you make a workers’ compensation claim in Pennsylvania. You can generally expect to receive medical benefits as soon as you need them before there is even a determination in your case. This allows you to get emergency care and proper medical treatment without delay. Benefits for lost wages, though, do not happen as quickly.

The Department of Labor & Industry explains that lost wage benefits are available only if you cannot return to work or if you return to work but are not making as much as you did before the accident. Furthermore, you cannot receive any benefits for lost wages until you miss seven days of work. Then, you start receiving benefits for day eight and after. If you miss at least 21 days total, you will then receive pay for those first seven days you missed.

Typically, you can expect to receive your first check for lost wages about 21 days after your first missed day of work. You can usually get temporary payments even if you receive a denial for your claim up to 90 days.

You will not receive your whole pay. Benefits are for only two-thirds of your average weekly pay. At minimum, your average weekly pay will be 50% of the statewide average weekly pay or 90% of your average weekly wage. There is a maximum limit as well. It is also possible for workers’ compensation to offset your benefits by 50% if you receive Social Security retirement benefits, retirement pension, severance pay or unemployment. This information is for education and is not legal advice.