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Compared with other equipment commonly used in construction, manufacturing, farming and similar fields, a ladder is a relatively simple device. However, many employers across Pennsylvania and the nation underestimate the dangers of ladder use and sometimes fail to take appropriate measures to ensure worker safety as a result. At Golden Law Firm, we recognize that ladder use leads to about 500,000 falls annually across the United States, and we have helped many people who suffered on-the-job injuries pursue recourse to help them move forward.

Per Industrial Safety & Hygiene News, about 300 people die every year across the nation as a result of injuries suffered during falls from ladders. Additionally, over a third of all fatal falls that occurred in 2009 involved people falling from either ladders or roofs, with 20% of all fatal falls resulting from ladder accidents, exclusively.

The numbers relating to work-related ladder falls, specifically, are similar. In 2010, almost two-thirds of all fatal work-related falls happened when employees fell from either ladders or roofs. There were 646 fatal work-related falls in total that year, and 20% of them resulted from workers using ladders.

In many instances, these fatalities may have been preventable if employers and others had taken appropriate action to prioritize safety during ladder use. For example, as someone who regularly uses a ladder for work, it is critical that you always use the correct ladder for a particular job. It is also vital that you exercise extreme care when placing the ladder to make sure it is sturdy and secure. Find more about work-related injuries on our webpage.