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When a Pennsylvanian worker gets injured on the job, there is more than just the injury itself to worry about. We at Golden Law Firm take a look at the financial repercussions of these injuries and how they can hurt you in the long run.

Of course, there are the initial costs of these injuries that come in the form of hospital bills and other various medical expenses. You may have needed an ambulance to take you to the emergency room. You might have required immediate surgery or an overnight stay, possibly for multiple nights. Even your medication can cost a lot.

There are extended medical expenses, too. Depending on the severity of your injury, you may be dealing with days, weeks, months or even years of recovery. This can involve physical therapy, mental therapy, counseling, at-home help, and more.

Finally, there are lost wages to consider. While you are recovering from your injuries, you may not be able to work, or you may have your hours reduced to accommodate your needs. This means that you won’t be making as much money with which to pay your medical bills. The combination of money going out without enough coming in can be devastating.

If you have faced any sort of injury while on the job and have lost wages because of it, consider taking a look at our page on wage loss benefits to learn more about your options. This is a difficult time in which you will already be handling a lot of stress. You don’t need to add lost wages to that.