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Disability includes both mental and physical medical issues. In Pennsylvania, qualified persons can apply to receive social security disability insurance. The assistance program is federally sponsored and paid into by employers. For those without employer-sponsored disability insurance, the federal program may offer the necessary benefits.

The Social Security Administration has two federal programs for those who qualify for disability. Supplemental security income and social security disability insurance require certain medical criteria for eligibility. Applying for the program requires specific information on the medical condition of the applicant and financial information for those applying to supplemental security income. lists the requirements for the program. The disability must meet the Social Security Administration’s definition and prevent the applicant from working based on their medical condition. The applicant cannot have disability on a short-term or partial basis. The insurance is specifically for those who are too young to qualify for full retirement. Loved ones may even qualify depending on the disabled family member’s work.

Applicants who meet the required qualifications can submit an application for the insurance. The online submission process is available online, over the phone or at a local Social Security Administration office. The online system allows applicants to check on their application status.

An applicant that has been denied before can reapply for the insurance. Common reasons for denial include insufficient medical information. Appeals are available online or through a qualified attorney. An appeal needs supporting medical documentation including medications, tests and treatments. The more prepared an applicant is during their appeal the less time it takes to receive an answer.