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Your recent injury in Pennsylvania left you with a mountain of medical bills. Even with insurance or workers’ compensation coverage, you may still be on the financial hook for unpaid bills. Have you tried negotiating those costs?

LendingTree provides strategies for lowering the cost of your medical bills without sacrificing the overall quality of your medical care. See how these tips can help you maintain your financial health as you work on improving your physical health.

Common medical billing errors

Your medical bills could contain errors, ones you should not have to pay for. For example, the hospital could charge you several times for a single service, or charge you for a diagnostic visit when you went in for a wellness visit. Look over the bill to determine whether the facility charged you for a medication or dose you did not take.

Ask questions

Confusion may set in as you look over your medical bill. Do not hesitate to reach out and ask an insurance representative or a doctor, nurse or another medical professional if you have questions. If you do have inquiries, it is best to pick up the phone to get answers rather than ask questions in writing, so you can speak to the right person. Your concerns could be valid, and they may save you money.

Look into payment assistance

Say that everything on your bill is correct. Even then, you can still act to have your bill reduced. For instance, there may be a charity or financial assistance program that can help you reduce your overall cost. Do not let shame keep you from saving money and enjoying peace of mind.

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.