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The Pennsylvania men and women who work on construction sites understand how risky their jobs can be. From using heavy equipment to working from heights, there are many things that can endanger a person who works in this industry. With the goal of reducing job site accidents and the number of workers’ compensation claims in the construction industry, companies are working on ways to properly implement technology.

Various types of technological advances have led to many safety advances. One interesting development is the implementation of automated vehicles on construction sites. When certain types of heavy equipment can operate independently, it lowers the risk of a construction worker being involved in an accident. Automated vehicles are coming soon, and it is possible that this technology could benefit the construction industry in the future. 

Some types of construction equipment use radar technology and other tools to work safer. However, there are limits to this technology, and most heavy machinery and vehicles require human operation. One of the biggest difficulties in introducing certain advances is that construction sites are hazardous and quite challenging. It is difficult to develop equipment that can adapt to constantly changing surroundings and rough terrain. 

Pennsylvania construction workers have the right to a reasonable expectation of safety when they go to work. This means that employers are responsible for implementing and enforcing safety standards and making sure workers are as safe as possible, no matter what type of equipment or technology they are working with. In the event that an accident does occur, the injured individual may seek support and help from a workers’ compensation claim.