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Workplace violence is a significant issue here in the United States. This issue has particularly big impacts on women, according to a recent National Safety Council analysis.

The analysis found that, in 2017, around 7 out of every 10 assault-related workplace injuries that caused missed days from work here in the U.S. were suffered by women. The total for such injuries for female workers that year was 12,820. This is over 7,000 injuries higher than the total for male workers.

The analysis also indicates that such injuries have been significantly on the rise for women in the workforce in recent years. The 2017 total was around 60 percent higher than the total from 2011.

In your opinion, how are employers here in Pennsylvania doing at protecting female workers from workplace violence? Are there any areas you feel such companies are falling significantly short in on this front? What would you most like to see companies do to prevent workplace violence and safeguard employees from such harm?

When workers of any gender are subjected to violence on the job, it can have deep impacts on their life. This includes the financial impacts related to the injuries and their effects on one’s care needs, everyday life and ability to work. So, getting the financial relief one deserves can be critical after being attacked on the job. Workers’ compensation can be a crucial route for getting such relief. Skilled work injury attorneys can guide victims of workplace violence through the process of pursuing workers’ comp benefits.