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Why Was My Workers' Compensation Claim Denied?

After suffering an injury on the job, you and your family expect—and deserve—to recover benefits to help support you while you recover. And then, you find out that your employer or their insurer has denied your claim.

Unfortunately, this is a frustration that many Pennsylvania workers face. And there are a few common reasons why they are left facing a denied claim.

Technology can help reduce workers' compensation incidents

The Pennsylvania men and women who work on construction sites understand how risky their jobs can be. From using heavy equipment to working from heights, there are many things that can endanger a person who works in this industry. With the goal of reducing job site accidents and the number of workers' compensation claims in the construction industry, companies are working on ways to properly implement technology.

Various types of technological advances have led to many safety advances. One interesting development is the implementation of automated vehicles on construction sites. When certain types of heavy equipment can operate independently, it lowers the risk of a construction worker being involved in an accident. Automated vehicles are coming soon, and it is possible that this technology could benefit the construction industry in the future. 

What to do after suffering an injury on the job

When you suffer an injury at work, you may be confused as to what to do next and how to pursue the benefits you need to recover. Whether you work as a nurse or healthcare professional, teacher, factory worker, officer worker or more, your injuries may be severe and you may face uncertainty over when you can return to your job.

Pennsylvania employers provide most employees across the state with access to workers’ compensation benefits in the event of an on-the-job injury or illness. Through your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance, you could gain access to a portion of your regular wages, benefits and potentially other resources while you recover.

Workers' compensation benefits for family of deceased worker

Pennsylvania workers have the right to seek certain types of financial support in the event they suffer an injury in the workplace. Through a workers' compensation claim, a person may be able to secure support for medical bills, a portion of lost wages and even assistance with returning to work. In the event a worker dies because of a workplace accident, his or her family may be able to claim death benefits as well.

The importance of workers' compensation benefits is illustrated in a recent tragic accident that took place in New Castle. A man died in an on-the-job accident after being run over by a vehicle he was working on. This unfortunate accident took place as the man was replacing a light on the back of the truck. The truck was in park but was still running at the time. 

Workplace assault injuries high among female workers

Workplace violence is a significant issue here in the United States. This issue has particularly big impacts on women, according to a recent National Safety Council analysis.

The analysis found that, in 2017, around 7 out of every 10 assault-related workplace injuries that caused missed days from work here in the U.S. were suffered by women. The total for such injuries for female workers that year was 12,820. This is over 7,000 injuries higher than the total for male workers.

How education puts stress onto teachers' bodies

When people list dangerous professions, they include jobs like firefighters, police officers, doctors and construction workers. There are very few adults who would believe teaching could be a hazardous profession.

Most teachers are not risking their lives in the classroom, but they are endangering their health due to numerous health concerns hidden in school across the country. One prevalent issue for teachers is the risk of repetitive stress injury.

Common ways you can get hurt while caring for the ill or injured

If you are a healthcare professional, taking care of patients around the clock can put a strain on your body. While medical facilities are supposed to be a place of healing, nursing staff are at risk of suffering injuries on the job.

With staffing shortages, faulty equipment and a variety of patient needs, you may experience a great deal of stress, both on your mind and your body, while working as a registered nurse (RN), licensed practical nurse (LPN) or nursing assistant (NA). In addition, exposure to dangerous contagious illnesses, working long shifts without adequate rest and demanding patients are often part of your daily experience.

The importance of mental health for emergency care professionals

As an emergency care professional, you are there for your community when they are at their most vulnerable. Whether it's a medical emergency or there is a disaster in the home, you have made the brave choice to help when they need it most.

In emergency care, there are some physical dangers that you can expect to come along with the job. You may find, however, that it is the mental toll that can be more difficult to deal with. In some ways, even when you are home and no longer on-call, it can seem like you are never really off-duty.

How to pay bills if you're out of work after an injury

Even if you work in a relatively safe industry, you could still suffer an injury at some point that keeps you away from your job. If this happens, you're left with a lot on your plate. In addition to your treatment, you must find a way to stay on top of all your bills.

A workplace injury can result in a variety of medical bills. Along with this, if you're unable to work, you may not have enough money to pay other bills, such as your mortgage and car payment.

When you're injured while working in another state

Workers come to Pennsylvania and Williamsport each season to work on the oil fields. It's honest work for good money, plus it means getting out and seeing a little bit more of the world. Being an oil field worker is dangerous though, and accidents happen every day.

What can you do when you're injured on the job but live out of state? Does workers' comp apply if you don't live in the state you're injured in? Do you need a lawyer? Do they need to be from your state or Pennsylvania? Relax, you can draw workers' compensation with some help from a local attorney.

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